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Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray Kit 18 Ounces + 3 Koala Cloths

  • GREAT VALUE: Bundle includes two 8-Ounce 100% American Made Koala Spray Cleaner Bottles and two 6 x 7" premium optical quality micro fiber Koala Kloths (colors may vary) | Great for sunglasses, eyeglasses, reading & computer glasses, and sports eyewear
  • PLAIN SAFE: Koala Kleaner is 100% Alcohol and Ammonia Free and Koala Kloth is super dense and soft which means they're safe for lenses and screens with anti reflective AR coatings | Koala Kleaner is 100% American Made
  • INCOMPARABLE: Koala Kleaner is the safest & most effective lens cleaner available - 100% anti smudge and streak free | One Gram of Koala Kloth has 25,700cm of filament surface area vs. 8,500cm on comparable cloths
  • MANY USES: Perfect for eyeglasses, Canon Nikon Leica camera lenses, and electronics like phones, Apple iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablet, smart phone, digital monitor, and car touch screens | Dust, lint, & streak free
  • CRAZY QUALITY: Koala Kleaner is made in the USA, super high quality, and backed by our Koala Lifetime Promise