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M98 Micronized Resveratrol by Revgenetics | Ultra-Premium 98% Pure Trans-Resveratrol (Polygonum Cuspidatum) 25 Grams Container

Remove anti bacterial This is loose micronized powder to create powerful liquids and tonics using lecithins and emulsifiers. You can even create a most powerful whey protein shake. (Particle size of powder is 1.5 Microns - D50). Estimated to be up to *220% or more effective than regular resveratrol when taken dry. Estimated to be up to *300% or more effective when mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier! You can add your own fruits, powder supplements or veggies to make your ultimate dietary supplement drink. How long will this last? We supply a small scoop with your order. If you take 1 small scoop a day (about 300mg) in your liquid tonic or shake. This powder will last you about 83 Days (almost 3 months). That comes out to $0.90 a day. Resveratrol Benefits: Resveratrol is regarded as one of the best supplements in the world for its anti-aging benefits at a cellular level by activating genes which repair and support cell functions. This gene activation provides many support for better sleep, more energy, lower sugar, and weight management benefits. Resveratrol’s mitochondria boosting agent which in studies has shown mice increase muscle mass, tone, and endurance and keep their mental functions, skin, tone and muscles healthy during the course of their full lifetime. We believe resveratrol supports these benefits for people as well. Will this make me live longer? People want to simply live longer, they want to stay strong as they age. We believe Resveratrol holds the promise of keeping your energy and strength throughout your long healthy life. Try our high purity Resveratrol today.

M98 Resveratrol Complete by RevGenetics 25 Grams Powder

The M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) Uses Both An Active And A Passive Transport System, Has A Long Half Life, And 25x More Soluble Than Regular Resveratrol, And Completely Better Than Our Old Micronized M98* if you only had to choose one type of resveratrol on a daily basis. We believe that M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) overcomes many issues by using the complete methods of absorption, and not just a single method that standard low absorption resveratrol molecules use. Sign up to be notified on manufacturer discounts on these fantastic products.
Product Dimensions‏:‎3 x 3 x 3 inches; 2.68 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎August 26, 2021