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Douglas Laboratories – Corvalen M – Pure D-Ribose with Magnesium and Malic Acid for Core Energy – 12 Ounces

Feeling low on energy? D-ribose is a sugar that the body produces from the food we absorb. It is used in energy production and takes part in the synthesis of ATP‚ the primary source of energy for our cells. Douglas Labs is proud to offer you Corvalen M D-Ribose‚ a quick and convenient way to include this helpful sugar into your active lifestyle. Douglas Labs’ Corvalen M D-Ribose is formulated as a convenient powder that can be mixed in with healthy drinks and meals. Upon absorption‚ D-ribose can potentially serve as an energy source for muscles‚ which can come in handy during intense athletic activities. Additionally‚ D-ribose may also assist in the recovery process muscles experience after an intense workout. Douglas Labs’ Corvalen M D-Ribose could potentially support these benefits with the ease of a great tasting and easily absorbable powder. Douglas Labs’ Corvalen M D-Ribose contains no gluten‚ corn‚ dairy‚ yeast‚ wheat‚ salt‚ or artificial additives.