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BioPure Chlorella Growth Factor CGF (100 Veggie Caps – 500 mg) by Bio Pure

Chlorella is a complete food rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, Vitamins A, C, D, E, and

Chlorella Growth Factor (30% CGF) Enriched Pure Natural Taiwan Premier Quality Chlorella Tablets (800 250mg Tabs Per Pack / 7.1oz)

Grown and harvested in a clean, unpolluted environment under natural sunlight and fresh air in regularly monitored man-made ponds using clean, filtered environmentally protected mountain spring water. The Chlorella's cell wall has been cracked open by a patented flash expansion process making it's power packed nutrients readily available to your body. Chlorella Fella's 100% Pure Natural Chlorella has over an 80% digestibility rating. Chlorella is well known for supplying the important nutrients the body needs for optimum health. This product also contains an AMAZING 30% of a unique blend of nutrients called Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. This powerhouse group of nutrients is found only in Chlorella and nowhere else. Chlorella is a whole food, one that is a complete protein. It contains all of the essential B vitamins as well as vitamins C and E. In addition, chlorella contains all of the major minerals including iron and zinc. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Item Weight‏:‎8.82 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎October 23, 2012
Manufacturer‏:‎Chlorella Fella

Pure Natural Chlorella Tablets enriched with a whopping 30% CGF from Taiwan's Premier Microalgae Manufacturer. No pesticides, herbicides, artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, binders, coatings or additives.
30% Chlorella Growth Factor Extract and 70% Pure Chlorella! This special blend contains an AMAZING nucleic acid rich 30% Chlorella Growth Factor Extract known for its healing, growth promoting, and immune enhancing abilities. Nutrient-dense superfood made up of protein, 18 amino acids, and various vitamins and minerals. Product of Taiwan, member nation of PIC/s. Shipped from USA.
High quality sun-grown chlorella, produced with environmentally protected mountain spring water in a GMP and HACCP certified environment, manufactured under ISO 22000:2005 quality management system.
Our Chlorella's cell wall has been cracked open by a patented low-pressure flash expansion process. SHIPS FREE WITH TWO OR MORE!

On Target Living Spirulina Chlorella 45/45/10 with CGF | 1000 Tablets | Vegan | Boosts Immune System | High in Protein | Alkalyzing | Nutrient Dense | Detoxifying | Energy | Recovery |

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Package Dimensions‏:‎7.8 x 5.67 x 1.18 inches; 9.21 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎March 16, 2018
Manufacturer‏:‎Dong Hai

SAFE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY (PETS TOO): Lab tested for quality, no additives, binders or fillers.
TRUSTED BRAND: On Target Living is the leading authority on Small Steps to Healthy Living, we back all of our products 100%.
ON TARGET LIVING MISSION: To improve the health and performance of the American population one person at a time!
SOURCED FROM TAIWAN: The best climate in the world for Spirulina/ Chlorella farming.

Organic Chlorella Powder – 4 Organic Certifications, Raw Form & Sun Grown – Guaranteed Best Source of Chlorella, Maximum Nutrient & CGF Levels (Chlorella Growth Factor) – 75 Servings

Chlorella Powder
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Product Dimensions‏:‎3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches; 10.2 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎April 10, 2018
Manufacturer‏:‎Triquetra Health

Raw Form & Broken Cell Wall for Highest Nutrient Bioavailability: Our Chlorella powder is in Raw form, meaning it is never heat-treated or irradiated. This leaves the Chlorella in pre-digested form by preserving the enzyme activity that helps the body digest and absorb the nutrients. The cell walls are broken also to ensure bioavailability.
Promotes Total Body Health at the Cellular Level: Extensive studies have shown that chlorella can support brain health, cardiovascular health, blood & cell health, skin health & appearance, healthy immune functions, and alkalization & detox of the body. It also restores and optimizes cellular health by neutralizing oxidative stress and inflammation.
Potent Nutrient Content & CGF Content (Chlorella Growth Factor): Our Chlorella has the highest Chlorella Growth Factor levels or CGF. These are nucleic acids that are shown to reverse aging and maximize cellular health. Chlorella also contains various peptides, phytonutrients, and polysaccharides that promote systemic health and rejuvenation.
Third-Party Tested, 100% Contaminate Free: Organic BioChlorella Chlorella powder is grown in an environmentally pristine region of South India with plentiful sunlight, 100% purified-water, and plant-based fertilizers - employing the world’s most rigid organic and quality standards. It is also third-party tested for heavy metals, yeast, mold, E. coli, BMAA, microcystins, pheophorbide, irradiation, chemical treatment, GMOs, solvents, binders, soy, and gelatin.